Rules, fees and fines

It is free to use the library, however, if you are late returning your loans or lose an item, you have to pay a fine or a fee.

You are allowed to keep most loans for 28 days, quick loans can be kept for 14 or 7 days.

In order to avoid returning your loans too late, we have 2 reminders available, one is the sms reminder and the other is an email reminder. 
You will be asked at your sign-up which one you prefer. 
It is still your responsibility to check, when your loans are due.

Fines for loans kept beyond the due date

Adults (from 16 years)

  • 1-7 days: 20 kr. 
  • 8-30 days: 55 kr. 
  • More than 4 weeks: 130 kr. 
  • 50 days (inkasso): 230 kr.* 

*The inkasso is a fee, the price of replacing the borrowed item will be added.

Children (under 16 years)

There are no fines for loans kept beyond the due date. 

  • Inkasso (after 50 days): 80 kr. *  

*The inkasso is a fee, the price of replacing the borrowed item will be added.

    Replacements and banning

    • If you damage or lose the items you have borrowed, you have to pay for a replacement.
    • You risk paying for a whole collection, even if only a single book or cd is missing.
    • If you find the missing object within 6 months of loosing and paying for a replacement, you may be refunded the value of the replacement, but not the fee (inkasso).
    • When the library buys DVDs and videos, we also buy the right to lend them to the public. So DVDs and videos are very expensive to replace.
    • If the sticker on a cd, cd-rom or DVD is loose, do not attempt to play it. Hand it to the library staff.
    • The library does not offer compensation, if the borrowed materials damage your electronic equipment.
    • High speed disk drives may be damaged if the disc is unbalanced.
    • If your fees and fines surmount 200 kr, you are banned from borrowing materials, until the amount has been paid.

    It is free to:

    • Make reservations of books, movies, music and other items via the library search pages. 
    • Receive sms or emails from the library.
    • Receive reminders via sms or email.
    • Borrow books, music and movies from other libraries.