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All you need to know about Silkeborg Public Library

Silkeborg Public Library

Hostrupsgade 41a
8600 Silkeborg
Tlf. 87 22 19 00 / Fax 87 22 19 01

Opening hours for Silkeborg Public Library

How to get a library card

If you have a permanent address in Denmark and a Danish social security number (CPR) it is possible to get loaner rights to Silkeborg Bibliotekerne.

To get a library card, there are two options: Either bring your social security card and ask us at the information counter. Or get instant access from home by using NemID. However, this procedure is only available in Danish. Use "Log ind" en the top right corner of our site and choose "Opret bruger". Danish guidelines are available here. 
A library card is free of charge. If you are under 18, you have to bring one of your parents to sign the papers.

Fees and fines

If you do not return your loans on time, you will have to pay a fine.
If you loose or damage your loans, you have to pay a fee and the price to replace the loan.

For further information, see  Rules, fees and fines