Take a seat: The libraries are reopening a bit more - English FAQ.

From May 26th it is now possible to take a seat and read a book, read the newspaper, or study at out libraries. Still, we cannot provide access to computers, print, copy, scan or let children play in the children's library. Read our FAQ.

If you are feeling unwell or showing any symptoms of COVID-19, please stay at home. 

At the libraries, we follow the guidelines set by the authorities, and if our visitors also act accordingly, everybody can return and collect materials without being at risk. 

Get a little bit more from your library from May 26th...

From May 26th it is possible to take a seat to read a book, the newspaper og study for your exam at our libraries. It is still not possible to access the children’s section play area, use the computers or the printing facilities. 

What are the opening hours?

You can find the temporary opening hours here: https://silkeborgbib.dk/biblioteker.
The libraries’ self service is closed.

When are materials expired during the lock down due?

You can return already borrowed materials until May 27th at the latest.
If you return your materials after May 27th, you will be charged a fee according to the rules applied.
You can return borrowed materials via the drop box at Silkeborg Bibliotek from May 18th at 8 am, and it will be open 24/7 hereafter.

Reserved materials that you haven't been able to pick up due to the close-down, can be picked up until saturday May 23rd in Silkeborg and friday the 22nd of May in the local libraries at the latest.   

When and how can I make a reservation? 

It’s possible from May 15th at 10.00 am at silkeborgbib.dk
From May 18th it will also be possible to make reservations at bibliotek.dk and the app “Biblioteket”

Can I make reservation and collect materials at local pick up locations?

No. Unfortunately the local pick up locations are closed until further notice. All materials currently placed at the pick up locations will be transported back to the library before May 27th.
This means that you have to reorder your materials to be collected at your local library.

Can I book a session in the library Makerspace, “Medieboxen”, or visit the legal aid, tutoring services, IT-help or the counseling provided by Dansk Flytningehjælp.

No, unfortunately not yet. 

Until the counseling provided by Dansk Flygtningehjælp, Hverdagsrådgivningen, opens again, you can write dfhsilkeborg@gmail.com, if you need help with any of the subjects, Hverdagsrådgivningen usually would provide help solving.